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Marketwise 7.0

Photo Archiving & Imaging Software

Welcome to High Resolution Imaging & Archiving! 
MarketWise 7.0 Professional is the only complete photo database & imaging software developed for the new generation of High Resolution digital cameras. Import your 4 or 6 million pixel image just once and use it for both archiving and image manipulation. Perform procedure and patient searches. Enhance and standardize photos. Increase patient acceptance with advanced imaging tools like Skin Resurfacing, Hair Replacement, and volumetric Morph for breast enhancement.

Key Features:

  • High Resolution Image Acquisition & Infinite Display Sizes
    Acquire your images once with all the resolution your camera delivers. View your high resolution images any size you like with the "Resolution Independent Interface." Choose from a list of conveniently sized display modes, like 'screen size' or 'vertical split', or use a sliding scale to choose your viewing size. Most importantly, MarketWise 7.0 Professional is the only archiving and imaging program that allows you to view all the pixels that your high resolution camera delivers in a single photo.

    Since most of our practices are using multiple workstations, we designed our resolution independent interface to "auto detect" each individual monitor resolution setting and automatically scale the picture size to fit that particular workstation. Because the display resolution of a given monitor and the camera resolution are always independent of one another, it makes no difference which workstation is used to "aquire" the image from the camera. The archived image file is always stored at full resolution of the camera.

  • Breast Enhancement
    Augementation, reduction, and mastopexy in the AP, lateral and oblique view.

  • Personalized Pull-Down Background
    Use your own practice logo or photo or your office to provide an attractive background screen while imaging patients. All of your program short cuts and other useful desktop icons are still available, just conveniently hidden when appropriate.

  • Enhanced Resize
    Now type either the desired width or height. Resize then calculates the correct aspect ratio of the other dimension, without the guess work.

  • Patient Database Searching
    Search for particular cases and locate patients by any combination of fifteen data fields and an infinite number of procedures. Searches include age, date ranges, procedures, doctor's name, ethnic group, patient id, zip code, state and passwords.

  • Print Single, Dual and Quad
    Simply click on the images to be printed on a page. MarketWise 7.0 Professional arranges them for you.

  • Soft Compare
    There are now three ways to demonstrate imaging results to prospective patients. Morph from 0% to 100%. Stop at 50% to show amounts of augmentation, reduction, or rotation. Use flip to jump from changed to unchanged views. Use select to educate and exclude changes to show alternative results.

  • Multiple Export
    The new multiple export feature allows you to select as many images as you need from the patient thumbnails and type a single name for the group. Each image will bear the group name and be numbered zero up for easy identification. MarketWise 7.0 Professional provides a choice of nine widely used file types to choose from.

  • Rhinoplasty Diagrams
    We have now added rhinoplasty diagrams contributed by Dr. Donn Chatham. These diagrams can be added to a patient's pictorial chart to visually document the surgical procedure performed. Soon to be added are pictorial representations of splints, grafts, etc. that can be chosen and pasted to diagrams. The size, shape and volume of these graphic representations can easily be customized to each individual patient.




MarketWise 7.0 Professional (Full Version) - $1800.00


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